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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 2 - File Manager / File Manager Reference
Low-Level Volume Access Routines / Mounting and Unmounting Volumes


You can use the PBOffLine function to place a volume offline. Most applications don't need to do this.

FUNCTION PBOffLine (paramBlock: ParmBlkPtr): OSErr;
A pointer to a basic File Manager parameter block.
-->ioCompletionProcPtrA pointer to a completion routine.
<--ioResultOSErrThe result code of the function.
-->ioNamePtrStringPtrA pointer to a pathname.
-->ioVRefNumIntegerA volume specification.

The PBOffLine function places the specified volume offline by calling PBFlushVol to flush the volume and releasing all the memory used for the volume except for the volume control block.

The PBOffLine function always executes synchronously.

The trap macro for PBOffLine is _OffLine.

noErr0No error
nsvErr-35No such volume
ioErr-36I/O error
bdNamErr-37Bad volume name
paramErr-50No default volume
nsDrvErr-56No such drive
extFSErr-58External file system

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