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Inside Macintosh: Files



_AliasDispatch trap macro
_Pack2 trap macro
_Pack3 trap macro
'alis' resource type [1] [2]
'dctb' resource type
'DITL' resource type
    for default Open and Save dialog boxes [1]
'DLOG' resource type
    for default Open and Save dialog boxes [1]
'hdlg' resource type


absolute search for alias records [1]
access modes [1] [2] [3]
    translation of
access paths [1] [2]
access permissions
    See access modes; file permissions
access privileges
    in A/UX file systems [1]
    in foreign file systems [1]
access rights
    See file permissions; directory access privileges
access-control functions. See access privileges
activation procedures [1]
active fields
AddDrive function
AddDrive procedure [1]
AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol)
Alias Manager [1]
    .See also alias records
    application-defined routines in [1]
    routines in [1]
    testing for availability
    user interface guidelines
alias records [1]
    creating [1]
    exhaustive search for
    finding targets of
    getting information from
    private Alias Manager data
    relative path in
    resolving [1]
      functions for [1]
    search strategies [1]
      absolute [1]
      relative [1]
    storing and retrieving [1]
    updating [1] [2]
alias targets
alias-matching filter function
    resolution by Finder
    resolution of by Standard File Package
Allocate function
Allocate function [1]
allocation blocks
    default size of
    determining number free
    size [1]
AllocContig function
AllocContig function [1]
AppFile data type
AppFile data type [1]
AppleShare volumes
    automatic mounting to resolve alias records
    support for mounting routines
AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP)
application files records [1]
asynchronous execution with low-level File Manager routines
asynchTrpBit global constant


B*-tree clumps
    default size of
B*-tree control blocks [1]
B*-tree file structure
B*-tree header nodes [1]
B*-tree index nodes
    root nodes
B*-tree leaf nodes
    for catalog files
B*-tree map nodes
B*-tree map records
B*-tree node descriptors
B*-tree nodes [1]
B*-tree search keys
    for catalog files
B*-trees [1]
backing-store files
bad block sparing [1]
Balloon Help
basic File Manager parameter blocks [1]
blank access privileges
    .See also allocation blocks
boot block header formats
boot block headers [1]
boot blocks [1]
BootBlkHdr data type [1]
browsing access
BTCB data type
byte ranges in shared files
    locking [1]


callback routines
    with MatchAlias function
    with Standard File Package routines [1] [2]
catalog data records
catalog file key records
catalog files [1] [2] [3]
    searching [1] [2]
catalog information parameter blocks [1]
catalog move parameter blocks [1]
catalog node IDs (CNIDs)
    .See also directory IDs, file IDs
    defined [1]
    reserved values
catalog nodes
catalog position records
catalogs. See catalog files
CatDataRec data type
CatKeyRec data type
CatMove function
CatMove function [1]
CInfoPBRec data type
Close command (File menu) [1]
CloseWD function
CloseWD function [1]
closing files [1] [2] [3]
ClrAppFiles function
ClrAppFiles procedure [1]
clump size
    default size of
    defined [1] [2]
CMovePBRec data type
CNIDs. See catalog node IDs
CNodes. See catalog nodes
commands, menu. See menu commands
common parent in alias records
    custom Standard File Package dialog boxes
completion routines
    for asynchronous File Manager calls [1]
    limitations on
CountAppFiles function
CountAppFiles procedure
CreateResFile function [1] [2]
CreateResFile procedure [1] [2]
creation dates
    handled by FSpExchangeFiles
CurDirStore global variable
current directory
    in Standard File Package dialog boxes [1] [2]
current disk. See current volume
current volume [1]
    in Standard File Package dialog boxes [1] [2]
custom dialog boxes. See dialog boxes, custom
CustomGetFile procedure [1]
CustomPutFile procedure [1]


data buffers
data forks [1]
    creating [1] [2]
data organization in memory [1]
data organization on volumes [1]
default directory [1]
default volume [1] [2]
deny modes [1]
dialog boxes
    custom [1]
    displaying file types in
    for saving and opening files [1]
      item numbers
    standard [1]
dialog hook functions [1]
DIBadMount function [1]
DIBadMount function
DIFormat function
DIFormat function [1]
DILoad procedure [1]
DILoad function
DirCreate function
DirCreate function [1]
    current [1]
    default [1]
    described for PBCatSearch [1]
    in Standard File Package dialog boxes. See current directory
    moving [1]
    selecting [1]
    specifying in HFS
directory access privileges [1] [2]
directory IDs
    defined [1] [2]
    in resolution of alias records
disk caches
disk formatting
disk initialization
disk initialization dialog boxes
    alternate layouts for [1]
    initializing disks without
    placement of
    presentation of [1]
    reinitializing disks
    variations in
Disk Initialization Manager [1]
    and bad block sparing [1]
    loading [1] [2]
    low-level routines [1]
    overriding the disk initialization dialog box
    routines in [1]
    unloading [1]
disk initialization warning dialog boxes
disk naming dialog boxes
disk partition maps
disk partitions
disk switch dialog box [1] [2]
disk verification
disk zeroing
disk-inserted events
    masking out
    receiving in a modal dialog
    responding to [1]
    determining whether a disk is valid
    erasing in the Finder
    formatting [1] [2]
    initializing [1]
      overriding the disk initialization dialog box
    verifying formatting of [1] [2]
display list
DIUnload procedure [1]
DIUnload function
DIVerify function
DIVerify function [1]
DIZero function
DIZero function [1]
document records
drive queues [1]


Eject function
Eject function [1]
ejected volumes
    logical [1]
    physical [1]
enhanced Standard File Package routines
EOF. See end-of-file
exclusive access
exhaustive search for alias records
ExtDataRec data type
ExtDescriptor data type
extent data records
extent descriptors
extents overflow files [1] [2]


fast search for alias records [1]
FCB data type
FCB. See file control blocks
FCBPBRec data type
FCBPBRec data type [1]
file access permissions. See file permissions
file attributes
    specifying in PBCatSearch
file control block parameter blocks [1]
file control blocks [1] [2]
file data
    limitations of using Resource Manager
    using the File Manager to read
    using the Resource Manager to read
file filter functions
    for file display list [1] [2]
    for resolving aliases
file forks
    data fork
    deleting [1]
    resource fork
file formats in Standard File Package dialog boxes [1]
file fragmentation
file I/O queues
file ID reference
file ID thread records
file IDs
    functions for manipulating [1]
    in resolution of alias records
    tracking files with
File Manager [1]
    access-control functions [1]
    and bad block sparing
    application-defined routines in [1]
    creating FSSpec records [1] [2] [3]
    data structures in [1]
    exchanging contents of two files [1] [2]
    high-level and low-level routines compared
    mounting inserted disks
    mounting remote volumes [1]
    organization of data in memory [1]
    organization of data on volumes [1]
    reading volume information [1]
      working directories
    routines in [1]
      directory manipulation
      file access [1]
      file ID [1]
      file manipulation [1]
      foreign file system [1]
      FSSpec [1]
      HFS [1]
      shared environment [1]
      utility [1]
      volume access [1]
      volume manipulation [1]
      working directories
    searching a catalog [1]
    testing for features [1] [2]
file marks
File menu
    adjusting items in [1]
    appearance of
    Close command [1]
    New command
    Open command [1] [2]
    Revert to Saved command [1]
    Save As command [1] [2]
    Save command [1] [2]
    user selections in [1] [2]
file permissions [1] [2]
file ranges
    locking [1]
    unlocking [1] [2]
file reference numbers
    and FCB buffer
    defined [1] [2]
file sharing
    enabled [1]
file system specification records
    creating [1] [2]
    introduced [1]
    with Standard File Package
file system.  hierarchical file system; Macintosh file system
file types, filtering Standard File Package display lists by
    searching volumes by
    specifying in PBCatSearch
    access privileges in foreign file systems [1]
    adjusting size of [1] [2] [3]
    closing [1]
    creating [1] [2] [3]
    defined [1]
    deleting [1]
    exchanging data in [1] [2] [3]
    handling File menu commands
    moving [1]
    opening [1]
      access modes
      Standard File Package [1] [2]
      while denying access [1]
      with FSSpec routines [1]
      with high-level HFS routines [1]
      with low-level HFS routines [1]
    opening at application startup [1]
    permissions [1] [2]
    reading data [1] [2]
    reading data  in newline mode
    reverting to last saved version [1]
    saving [1] [2]
    saving preferences [1]
    saving under a new name
    searching a catalog for
    specifying in HFS
    tracking with file IDs
    user interface for saving and opening [1]
    writing data [1]
filter functions
    .See also file filter functions
    alias matching
    modal-dialog filter functions [1]
    with MatchAlias function
    with Standard File Package routines [1] [2]
Finder information
    specifying in PBCatSearch
FindFolder function
flushing a volume [1] [2] [3] [4]
FlushVol function [1] [2]
FlushVol function [1] [2]
FmtDefaults global variable [1] [2]
folders. See directories
foreign file systems, access privileges in [1]
forks. See file forks
formatting disks [1]
FSClose function [1] [2]
FSClose function [1] [2]
FSMakeFSSpec function
FSMakeFSSpec function [1] [2] [3]
FSpCatMove function
FSpCatMove function [1]
FSpCreate function [1] [2]
FSpCreate function [1] [2]
FSpCreateResFile function [1] [2]
FSpCreateResFile procedure [1] [2]
FSpDelete function [1] [2]
FSpDelete function [1] [2]
FSpDirCreate function
FSpDirCreate function [1]
FSpExchangeFiles function [1] [2]
FSpExchangeFiles function [1] [2]
FSpGetFInfo function
FSpGetFInfo function [1]
FSpOpenDF function [1] [2]
FSpOpenDF function [1] [2]
FSpOpenResFile function [1] [2]
FSpOpenRF function
FSpOpenRF function [1]
FSpRename function
FSpRename function [1]
FSpRstFLock function
FSpRstFLock function [1]
FSpSetFInfo function
FSpSetFInfo function [1]
FSpSetFLock function
FSpSetFLock function [1]
FSRead function [1] [2]
FSRead function [1] [2]
FSSpec data type
FSWrite function [1] [2]
FSWrite function [1] [2]
full pathnames


GetAliasInfo function [1]
GetAliasInfo function
GetAppFiles function
GetAppFiles procedure [1]
GetAppParms function
GetAppParms procedure [1]
GetDrvQHdr function [1]
GetDrvQHdr function
GetEOF function [1] [2]
GetEOF function [1] [2]
GetFPos function [1] [2]
GetFPos function [1] [2]
GetFSQHdr function
GetFSQHdr function [1]
GetVCBQHdr function
GetVInfo function [1] [2]
GetVCBQHdr function [1]
GetVInfo function [1] [2]
GetVol function
GetVol function [1]
GetVolParmsInfoBuffer data type
GetVRefNum function [1] [2]
GetVRefNum function [1] [2]
GetWDInfo function
GetWDInfo function [1]


HCreate function
HCreate function [1]
HCreateResFile function [1] [2]
HCreateResFile procedure [1] [2]
HDelete function
HDelete function [1]
header nodes. See B*-tree header nodes
HFS defaults record
HFS directories
    creating on a volume
HFS parameter blocks [1]
HFS specifications [1]
HFS volumes
    defined [1] [2]
    signature words for
    structure of
HFS. See hierarchical file system
hfsBit global constant
HFSDefaults data type [1]
HGetFInfo function
HGetFInfo function [1]
HGetVol function
HGetVol function [1]
hierarchical file system (HFS)
    defined [1] [2]
    organization of [1]
HOpen function
HOpen function [1]
HOpenDF function
HOpenDF function [1]
HOpenResFile function [1] [2]
HOpenRF function
HOpenRF function [1]
HParamBlockRec data type
HRename function
HRename function [1]
HRstFLock function
HRstFLock function [1]
HSetFInfo function [1]
HSetFInfo function
HSetFLock function
HSetFLock function [1]
HSetVol function
HSetVol function [1]
    possible problems using

I, J

I/O queues. See file I/O queues
I/O requests
index nodes. See B*-tree index nodes
initializing disks [1] [2]
    overriding the disk initialization dialog box


keyboard equivalents, in Standard File Package dialog boxes [1]


leaf nodes. See B*-tree leaf nodes
loading the Disk Initialization Manager [1]
    file ranges
locking file ranges [1]
logical blocks [1] [2]
logical end-of-file [1]


Macintosh file system (MFS)
Make Changes privileges
map nodes, B*-tree
map records
marks. See file marks
master directory blocks (MDB) [1]
MatchAlias function [1] [2]
MDB. See master directory blocks
menu commands
    Close (File menu) [1]
    Erase Disk (Special menu)
    New (File menu) [1]
    Open (File menu) [1]
    Revert to Saved (File menu) [1]
    Save (File menu) [1]
    Save As (File menu) [1]
MFS volumes
    signature words for
MFS. See Macintosh file system
modal-dialog filter functions
    for Standard File Package dialog boxes
modal-dialog filter functions, for Standard File Package dialog boxes [1] [2] [3]
modes. See access modes; deny modes
modification dates, handled by FSpExchangeFiles
mounting volumes programmatically [1]
mounting volumes. See volumes, mounting


naming disks
New command (File menu) [1]
New Folder dialog box [1] [2]
NewAlias function
NewAliasMinimal function
NewAliasMinimalFromFullPath function
newline character [1] [2]
newline mode [1] [2]
node descriptors, B*-tree
node records
nodes, B*-tree [1]
nonprinting characters
    using in filenames
    using in volume names


offline volumes [1] [2] [3]
online volumes
Open command (File menu) [1]
opening files
    at application startup [1]
    while denying access [1]
    with FSSpec routines [1]
    with high-level HFS routines [1]
    with low-level HFS routines [1]
    with Standard File Package [1] [2]
OpenResFile function [1] [2]
OpenWD function
OpenWD function [1]
organization of data
    in memory [1]
    on volumes [1]
organization of disks [1]
original Standard File Package procedures [1] [2]

P, Q

ParamBlockRec data type
ParamBlockRec data type [1]
parent directories
parent directory IDs
partial pathnames
partition maps
passwords. See user passwords
path reference numbers. See file reference numbers
pathnames [1] [2] [3]
PBAllocate function [1]
PBAllocate function
PBAllocContig function
PBAllocContig function [1]
PBCatMove function [1]
PBCatMove function
PBCatSearch function
PBCatSearch function [1] [2]
PBClose function [1]
PBClose function
PBCloseWD function
PBCloseWD function [1]
PBCreateFileIDRef function [1]
PBCreateFileIDRef function
PBDeleteFileIDRef function
PBDeleteFileIDRef function [1]
PBDirCreate function [1]
PBDirCreate function
PBEject function
PBEject function [1]
PBExchangeFiles function
PBExchangeFiles function [1]
PBFlushFile function [1]
PBFlushFile function
PBFlushVol function
PBFlushVol function [1]
PBGetCatInfo function [1]
PBGetCatInfo function
PBGetEOF function
PBGetEOF function [1]
PBGetFCBInfo function [1]
PBGetFCBInfo function
PBGetForeignPrivs function
PBGetForeignPrivs function [1]
PBGetFPos function [1]
PBGetFPos function
PBGetUGEntry function [1]
PBGetVol function
PBGetVol function [1]
PBGetVolMountInfo function [1]
PBGetVolMountInfo function
PBGetVolMountInfoSize function
PBGetVolMountInfoSize function [1]
PBGetWDInfo function
PBGetWDInfo function [1]
PBHCopyFile function [1]
PBHCopyFile function
PBHCreate function
PBHCreate function [1]
PBHDelete function [1]
PBHDelete function
PBHGetDirAccess function
PBHGetDirAccess function [1]
PBHGetFInfo function [1]
PBHGetFInfo function
PBHGetLogInInfo function
PBHGetLogInInfo function [1]
PBHGetVInfo function [1]
PBHGetVInfo function
PBHGetVol function
PBHGetVol function [1]
PBHGetVolParms function [1]
PBHGetVolParms function
PBHMapID function
PBHMapID function [1]
PBHMapName function [1]
PBHMapName function
PBHMoveRename function
PBHMoveRename function [1]
PBHOpen function [1]
PBHOpen function
PBHOpenDeny function
PBHOpenDeny function [1]
PBHOpenDF function [1]
PBHOpenDF function
PBHOpenRF function
PBHOpenRF function [1]
PBHOpenRFDeny function [1]
PBHOpenRFDeny function
PBHRename function
PBHRename function [1]
PBHRstFLock function [1]
PBHRstFLock function
PBHSetDirAccess function
PBHSetDirAccess function [1]
PBHSetFInfo function [1]
PBHSetFInfo function
PBHSetFLock function
PBHSetFLock function [1]
PBHSetVol function [1]
PBHSetVol function
PBLockRange function
PBLockRange function [1]
PBMakeFSSpec function [1]
PBMakeFSSpec function
PBMountVol function
PBMountVol function [1]
PBOffLine function [1]
PBOffLine function
PBOpenWD function
PBOpenWD function [1]
PBRead function [1]
PBRead function
PBResolveFileIDRef function
PBResolveFileIDRef function [1]
PBSetCatInfo function [1]
PBSetCatInfo function
PBSetEOF function
PBSetEOF function [1]
PBSetForeignPrivs function [1]
PBSetForeignPrivs function
PBSetFPos function
PBSetFPos function [1]
PBSetVInfo function [1]
PBSetVInfo function
PBSetVol function
PBSetVol function [1]
PBShare function [1]
PBUnlockRange function [1]
PBUnlockRange function
PBUnmountVol function
PBUnmountVol function [1]
PBUnshare function [1]
PBVolumeMount function [1]
PBVolumeMount function
PBWrite function
PBWrite function [1]
    shared access
physical end-of-file [1]
pointer records
poor man's search paths
pop-up menus
    in Standard File Package dialog boxes
preferences files [1] [2]
Preferences folder
privilege information in A/UX file systems [1]
privilege information in foreign file systems [1]
privilege models
    blank access
    directory access
pseudo-items [1]
    constant descriptions [1]


radio buttons, in Standard File Package dialog boxes
range locking. See locking ranges
read privileges. See See Files privileges
reading data from files [1] [2]
records, alias. See alias records
relative paths
relative search for alias records [1] [2] [3]
reply records for Standard File Package
reply records, for Standard File Package
ResolveAlias function
resolving alias records [1]
    a single target [1]
    controlling search algorithms
    multiple targets
resource editors
resource forks [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    creating resource map in [1] [2]
resource types
    'alis' [1] [2]
    'DITL' [1] [2]
Revert to Saved command (File menu) [1]
root directory
root nodes. See B*-tree root nodes


Save As command (File menu) [1]
Save command (File menu) [1]
saving files [1]
saving to different file formats
    specifying when creating a file [1] [2]
search keys
search keys, B*-tree
    for catalog files
search paths
search privileges. See See Folders privileges
search strategies in resolution of alias records [1]
See Files privileges
See Folders privileges
SetEOF function [1] [2]
SetEOF function [1] [2]
SetFPos function [1] [2]
SetFPos function [1] [2]
SetVol function
SetVol function [1]
SFGetFile procedure [1]
SFPGetFile procedure [1]
SFPPutFile procedure [1]
SFPutFile procedure [1]
SFSaveDisk global variable
share points [1] [2]
shared access
shared environments [1]
    routines [1]
signature words
    default for HFS volumes
    for HFS volumes
    for MFS volumes
single-writer access
Special menu, Erase Disk command
Standard File Package [1]
    activation procedures [1]
    and aliases
    and disk initialization
    application-defined routines in [1]
    callback routines
    compatibility with earlier procedures [1]
    data structures in [1]
    dialog hook functions [1]
    file filter functions [1]
    modal-dialog filter functions [1] [2]
    opening files [1] [2]
    original procedures [1]
    original reply record [1]
    reply records [1] [2]
    routines in [1]
    saving files [1] [2]
    testing for features
    user interface guidelines [1]
    user interfaces
      custom [1]
      standard [1]
StandardFileReply data type [1] [2]
StandardGetFile procedure [1] [2] [3] [4]
StandardPutFile procedure [1] [2] [3]
stationery pads
    handled by Standard File Package
stationery pads, handled by Standard File Package
synchronous execution with low-level File Manager routines
System Folder
system software version 7.0 [1] [2] [3] [4]
system startup information

T, U

targets, of an alias record
    file ranges
UnmountVol function
UnmountVol function [1]
update events, and Standard File Package routines
UpdateAlias function
user authentication methods
user interface
    for initializing and naming a disk [1]
    for saving and opening files [1]
user interface guidelines
user names
user passwords


VCB queues. See volume control block queues
VCB. See volume control blocks
verifying formatting of disks [1]
VIB. See volume information block
VolMountInfoHeader data type
volume attributes buffers
volume bitmaps [1] [2]
volume catalogs. See catalog files
volume characteristics
    changing defaults [1]
    reverting back to defaults
volume control block queues
volume control blocks [1] [2]
volume index
volume information blocks (VIB)
volume mounting information records [1]
volume passwords
volume reference numbers [1] [2]
    current [1]
    default [1]
    defined [1] [2]
    determining if sharable
    ejecting [1]
    flushing buffers
    free space on [1]
    HFS [1]
    identified in FSSpec records
    identifying in an alias resolution
    in Standard File Package dialog boxes. See current volume
    indexed searching
    mounting [1] [2] [3]
    naming [1] [2]
    offline [1] [2]
    organization of [1]
    placing offline [1] [2]
    recursive searching [1] [2]
    remote mounting
    searching [1]
    selecting [1]
    unmounting [1] [2]

W, X, Y

working directories [1]
    closing [1]
    getting information about [1]
    opening [1]
working directory control blocks
working directory parameter blocks
working directory reference numbers [1] [2]
write privileges. See Make Changes privileges
writing data to files [1] [2]


zeroing disks

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