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Chapter 2 - File Manager / File Manager Reference

Low-Level Volume Access Routines

This section describes the low-level routines for accessing volumes. These routines exchange parameters with your application through a parameter block of type ParamBlock, HParamBlock, or WDPBRec. When you call a low-level routine, you
pass the address of the appropriate parameter block to the routine.

Some low-level routines for accessing volumes can run either asynchronously or synchronously. Each of these routines comes in three versions: one version requires the async parameter and two have the suffix Async or Sync added to their names. For more information about the differences between the three versions, see "Low-Level File Access Routines" on page 2-120.

Only the first version of these routines is documented in this section. See "Summary of the File Manager," beginning on page 2-240, for a listing that includes all three versions.

Assembly-Language Note
See the assembly-language note on page 2-120 for details on calling these routines from assembly language.

Mounting and Unmounting Volumes
Updating Volumes
Obtaining Volume Information
Manipulating the Default Volume

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