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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 2 - File Manager / File Manager Reference
Shared Environment Routines

Mounting Volumes

The File Manager provides three functions that allow your application to record the mounting information for a volume and then to mount the volume later. The programmatic mounting functions store the mounting information in a structure called the
AFPVolMountInfo record. The programmatic mounting functions use the ioParam variant of the ParamBlockRec record.

In general, it is easier to mount remote volumes by creating and then resolving alias records that describe those volumes. The Alias Manager displays the standard user interface for user authentication when resolving alias records for remote volumes. As
a result, the routines described in this section are primarily of interest for applications that need to mount remote volumes with no user interface or with some custom
user interface.

All the functions described in this section execute synchronously. You should not call them at interrupt time.


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