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Chapter 2 - File Manager / File Manager Reference
Data Structures

Catalog Position Records

When you call the PBCatSearch function to search a volume's catalog file, you can specify (in the ioCatPosition field of the parameter block passed to PBCatSearch) a catalog position record. If a catalog search consumes more time than is allowed by the ioSearchTime field, PBCatSearch stores a directory-location index in that record; when you call PBCatSearch again, it uses that record to resume searching where it left off. A catalog position record is defined by the CatPositionRec data type.

TYPE CatPositionRec  =  {catalog position record}
   initialize:    LongInt;                {starting point}
   priv:          ARRAY[1..6] OF Integer; {private data}
Field Description
The starting point of the catalog search. To start searching at
the beginning of a catalog, specify 0 in this field. To resume a previous search, pass the value returned by the previous call
to PBCatSearch.
An array of integers that is used internally by PBCatSearch.

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