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Chapter 3 - SCSI Manager

This chapter describes the original Macintosh SCSI Manager. The SCSI Manager is the part of the Macintosh Operating System that controls the transfer of data between a Macintosh computer and peripheral devices connected through the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).

In 1993, Apple Computer introduced SCSI Manager 4.3, an enhanced version of the SCSI Manager that provides new features as well as compatibility with the original version. SCSI Manager 4.3 is described in the chapter "SCSI Manager 4.3" in this book.

SCSI Manager 4.3 Note
Throughout this chapter, notes like this one are used to point out areas where SCSI Manager 4.3 differs from the original SCSI Manager.
You should read this chapter if you are writing a SCSI device driver or other program that needs to be compatible with the original SCSI Manager. To make best use of this chapter, you should understand the Device Manager and how device drivers are implemented in Macintosh computers. You should also be familiar with the SCSI-1 specification established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The SCSI-1 specification appears in ANSI document X3.131-1986, entitled Small Computer System Interface. Unless otherwise noted, all mentions of a SCSI specification in this chapter refer to the SCSI-1 specification.

If you are designing a SCSI peripheral device for Macintosh computers, you should read Designing Cards and Drivers for the Macintosh Family, third edition, and Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware, second edition.

This chapter provides a brief introduction to SCSI concepts and then explains

Chapter Contents
Introduction to SCSI Concepts
SCSI Bus Signals
SCSI Bus Phases
SCSI Commands
SCSI Messages
SCSI Handshaking
About the SCSI Manager
Conformance With the SCSI Specification
Overview of SCSI Manager Data Structures
The Structure of Block Devices
The Driver Descriptor Record
The Partition Map
Using the SCSI Manager
Reading Data From a SCSI Device
Using CDB and TIB Structures
Using the SCSIComplete Function
Choosing Polled or Blind Transfers
SCSI Manager Reference
Data Structures
Driver Descriptor Record
Partition Map Entry Record
SCSI Manager TIB Instructions
SCSI Manager Routines
Summary of the SCSI Manager
Pascal Summary
Data Types
C Summary
Data Types
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Trap Macros
Result Codes

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