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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Finder Guide /
Chapter 2 - Finder Objects / Object Class Definitions


An object of class Folder is a folder on a disk.

A folder has all the properties defined for object class Sharable Container
on page 78: Exported, Group, Group Privileges, Guest Privileges, Inherited Privileges, Mounted, Owner, Owner Privileges, Protected, Shared,
Sharing Window.

Like any other sharable container, a folder also has all the properties defined for object class Container on page 42: Completely Expanded, Container Window, Entire Contents, Expandable, Expanded, Previous List View, Selection, and View.

In addition, like any other container, a folder has all properties defined for object class Item on page 72: Bounds, Comment, Container, Content Space, Creation Date, Disk, Folder, Icon, ID, Information Window, Kind, Label Index, Modification Date, Name, Physical Size, Position, Selected, Size, and Window.

Objects of these classes can be identified at the top level of the folder by name or by number. Page numbers indicate the location of corresponding definitions in this chapter.

Accessory Suitcase (page 27)
Alias File (page 28)
Application File (page 38)
Container (page 42)
Control Panel (page 51)
Desk Accessory File (page 54)
Document File (page 59)
File (page 60)
Folder (page 62)
Font File (page 64)
Font Suitcase (page 65)
Item (page 72)
Sharable Container (page 78)
Sound File (page 86)
Suitcase (page 88)
Clean Up, Close, Copy, Count, Data Size, Delete, Duplicate, Exists, Get, Make, Move, Open, Put Away, Reveal, Select, Sort, Update

A reference or, if you use the plural form folders, a list of references.

This script returns references to all the folders at the top level of the startup disk that have been modified in the last 24 hours:

tell application "Finder"
   folders of startup disk where �
      modification date > ((current date) - 24 * hours)
end tell 

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