Inside Macintosh: AOCE Application Interfaces

Inside Macintosh: AOCE Application Interfaces shows how your application can take advantage of the system software features provided by PowerTalk system software and the PowerShare collaboration servers. Nearly every Macintosh application program can benefit from the addition of some of these features.

The PowerTalk system software and PowerShare collaboration servers provide mail, messaging, catalog services, digital signatures, and authentication services to Macintosh applications. This book shows how you can

To use this book, you should be familiar with the general structure of a Macintosh application and with basic memory-management techniques. Both of these topics are discussed in Inside Macintosh: Overview. You should also be familiar with the essential user interface components described in Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials.

When designing an application that will be localized to use different languages, you should also consult Guide to Macintosh Software Localization.

To write a software module that gives users and PowerTalk-enabled applications access to a new or existing mail and messaging service or catalog service, you will need Inside Macintosh: AOCE Service Access Modules in addition to this book.

Inside Macintosh is a collection of books, organized by topic, that describe the system software of Macintosh computers. Together, these books provide the essential reference for programmers, designers, and engineers. A graphic overview of Inside Macintosh appears on the inside back cover of this book.

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