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Chapter 4 - Movie Resource Formats

This chapter describes the format of QuickTime movie resources. Movie resources are the data structures that provide the medium of exchange for movie data. Movie resources may be exchanged between applications on a single Macintosh computer or between applications on several Macintosh and non-Macintosh computers.

The information in this chapter is intended for developers who need to know about the content of movie resources. You need to learn about movie resources if you want to create movies on other computer environments and import them to the Macintosh environment, or if you want to interpret QuickTime movies on other types of computers. Developers of Macintosh applications do not need to know about the layout of movie resources--the Movie Toolbox functions handle the details of movie storage and exchange.
This chapter describes atoms, the basic storage elements that, taken together, make up a movie resource.

The chapter is divided into the following major sections:

To understand fully the information presented in this chapter, you should be familiar with the Movie Toolbox (see the chapter "Movie Toolbox" in this book). In particular, you should read about the characteristics of movie, track, and media structures.

If you are developing a movie application that runs on another type of computer, you do not have the facilities of the Movie Toolbox available to you. If you want that application to exchange data with QuickTime applications on the Macintosh computer, you need to know the format of QuickTime movie resources.

Chapter Contents
Introduction to Movie Resources
Storing Movies in Files
Atom Types
The Layout of a QuickTime Atom
Overview of the Movie Resource Atom
Movie Atoms
Movie Header Atoms
Track Atoms
Track Header Atoms
Media Atoms
Media Header Atoms
Handler Reference Atoms
User-Defined Data Atoms
Clipping Atoms
Clipping Region Atoms
Track Matte Atoms
Compressed Matte Atoms
Edit Atoms
Edit List Atoms
Media Information Atoms
Video Media Information Atoms
Video Media Information Header Atoms
Sound Media Information Atoms
Sound Media Information Header Atoms
Data Information Atoms
Data Reference Atoms
An Introduction to Samples
Sample Table Atoms
Sample Description Atoms
Time-to-Sample Atoms
Sync Sample Atoms
Sample-to-Chunk Atoms
Sample Size Atoms
Chunk Offset Atoms
Shadow Sync Atoms
Using Media Information Atoms
Finding a Sample
Finding a Key Frame

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