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Inside Macintosh: QuickTime /

Chapter 1 - Introduction to QuickTime

This chapter introduces the concepts underlying QuickTime, a set of functions and data structures that you can use in your application to control time-based data. In QuickTime, a set of time-based data is referred to as a movie. Your application can allow users to display, edit, cut, copy, and paste movies and movie data in the same way that they can work with text and graphic elements today.

This chapter also introduces the QuickTime architecture, the managers, and the components that constitute QuickTime. It will help you decide what level of QuickTime support your application may need to incorporate.

Chapter Contents
QuickTime Concepts
Movies and Media Data Structures
Image Compression
The QuickTime Architecture
The Movie Toolbox
The Image Compression Manager
The Component Manager
QuickTime Components
Using QuickTime
Playing Movies
Creating and Editing Movies
Movie-Editing Applications
Movie-Creating Applications

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