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Inside Macintosh: QuickTime Components /

Chapter 1 - Overview

Each QuickTime component provides an interface to a general class of features associated with the manipulation of time-based data. QuickTime provides components so that developers may use a component--for example, one that provides image compression services--without extensive knowledge of all the possible services that that component might provide. Developers are therefore isolated from the details of implementing and managing a given technology.

Since each QuickTime component is registered by the Component Manager, the component's code can be available systemwide or in a resource that is local to a particular application.

QuickTime components supply these services:

This book addresses two audiences--developers who communicate directly with existing components and developers who want to create their own components.

Chapter Contents
Providing Movie Playback
Capturing Sequences of Images
Compressing and Decompressing Still Images
Converting Data for Use in QuickTime Movies
Creating Previews of QuickTime Movies

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