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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 1 - Introduction to File Management / File Management Reference
Application Launch File Routines /


You can use the CountAppFiles procedure to determine how many documents (if any) the user has selected at application launch time for opening or printing.

PROCEDURE CountAppFiles (VAR message: Integer; 
                         VAR count: Integer);
The action to be performed on the selected files.
The number of files selected.
The CountAppFiles procedure deciphers the Finder information passed to your application and returns information about the files that were selected when your application was started up. On exit, the count parameter contains the number of selected files, and the message parameter contains an integer that indicates whether the files are to be opened or printed. The message parameter contains one of these constants:

   appOpen  =  0;    {open the document(s)}
   appPrint =  1;    {print the document(s)}

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