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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 1 - Introduction to File Management / File Management Reference
File Access Routines / Reading, Writing, and Closing Files


You can use the FSClose function to close an open file.

FUNCTION FSClose (refNum: Integer): OSErr;
The file reference number of an open file.
The FSClose function removes the access path for the specified file and writes the contents of the volume buffer to the volume.

The FSClose function calls PBFlushFile internally to write the file's bytes onto the volume. To ensure that the file's catalog entry is updated, you should call FlushVol after you call FSClose.
Make sure that you do not call FSClose with a file reference number
of a file that has already been closed. Attempting to close the same file twice may result in loss of data on a volume. See the description of
file control blocks in the chapter "File Manager" in this book for a discussion of how this can happen.
noErr0No error
ioErr-36I/O error
fnOpnErr-38File not open
fnfErr-43File not found
rfNumErr-51Bad reference number

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