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Chapter 4 - Alias Manager / Alias Manager Reference
Alias Manager Routines / Creating and Updating Alias Records


You use the NewAliasMinimal function to create a short alias record quickly.

FUNCTION NewAliasMinimal (target: FSSpec; 
                           VAR alias: AliasHandle): OSErr;
An FSSpec record for the target of the alias record.
A handle to the newly created alias record. If the function fails to create an alias record, it sets alias to NIL.
The NewAliasMinimal function creates an alias record that contains only the minimum information necessary to describe the target: the target name, the parent directory ID, the volume name and creation date, and the volume mounting information. The NewAliasMinimal function uses the standard alias record data structure, but it fills in only parts of the record.

The ResolveAlias function, described on page 4-19, never updates a minimal alias record.
The trap macro and routine selector for NewAliasMinimal are
Trap macroSelector

noErr0No error
paramErr-50The value of target or alias parameter, or of both, is NIL, or the alias record is corrupt

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