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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 3 - Standard File Package / Standard File Package Reference
Standard File Package Routines / Saving Files


Use the SFPutFile procedure to display the standard Save dialog box when the user is saving a file.

PROCEDURE SFPutFile (where: Point; prompt: Str255;
                     origName: Str255; dlgHook: DlgHookProcPtr;
                     VAR reply: SFReply);
The upper-left corner of the dialog box, in global coordinates.
The prompt message to be displayed over the text field.
The initial name of the file.
A pointer to your dialog hook function, which handles item selections received from the Dialog Manager. Specify a value of NIL if you want
the standard items handled in the standard ways. See "Writing a Dialog Hook Function" on page 3-21 for a description of the dialog
hook function.
The reply record, which SFPutFile fills in before returning.
The SFPutFile procedure presents a dialog box through which the user specifies the name and location of a file to be written to. During the dialog, SFPutFile gets and handles events until the user completes the interaction, either by selecting a name and authorizing the save or by canceling the save. The SFPutFile procedure returns the user's input in a record of type SFReply.

The trap macro and routine selector for SFPutFile are
Trap macroSelector

Because SFPutFile may move memory, you should not call it at interrupt time.

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