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Chapter 2 - Slot Manager / Slot Manager Reference
Slot Manager Routines / Getting Information About Expansion Cards and Declaration ROMs


You can use the SReadInfo function to obtain a copy of the slot information record for a particular slot.

FUNCTION SReadInfo (spBlkPtr: SpBlockPtr): OSErr;
A pointer to a Slot Manager parameter block.
-->spResultPointerA pointer to a slot information record.
-->spSlotSignedByteThe slot number.

The Slot Manager maintains a slot information record for each slot. The SReadInfo function copies the information from this data structure for the requested slot.

You specify the slot with the spSlot parameter. You must also allocate a slot information record, and provide a pointer to it in the spResult field. The SReadInfo function copies the information in the slot information record maintained by the Slot Manager into the data structure pointed to by the spResult field.

This function may alter the contents of the spSize field. Your application should not depend on the value returned in this field.

The trap macro and routine selector for the SReadInfo function are
Trap macroSelector

You must set up register D0 with the routine selector and register A0 with the address of the Slot Manager parameter block. When _SlotManager returns, register D0 contains the result code.
Registers on entry
A0Address of the parameter block
Registers on exit
D0Result code

noErr0No error
smEmptySlot-300No card in this slot
For general information about the slot information record, see "About the Slot Manager" on page 2-15. To obtain a pointer to the SInfoRecord data structure, instead of a copy of it, see the next section, which describes the SReadFHeader function.

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