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Inside Macintosh: Devices /
Chapter 2 - Slot Manager / Slot Manager Reference
Data Structures

Slot Parameter RAM Record

The Macintosh Operating System reserves eight bytes of parameter RAM for each slot. Six of these bytes are available for card designers to store information. The SPRAMRecord data type defines the organization of these bytes of data in parameter RAM. This data structure includes the Apple-defined BoardID and six bytes of
vendor-specific information.

TYPE SPRAMRecord =               {slot parameter RAM record}
   boardID:       Integer;       {Apple-defined board ID}
   vendorUse1:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
   vendorUse2:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
   vendorUse3:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
   vendorUse4:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
   vendorUse5:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
   vendorUse6:    SignedByte;    {available for vendor use}
Field Description
The card identification number assigned by Apple Computer, Inc.
General-purpose fields that may be used by the card designer.

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