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Inside Macintosh: Devices /
Chapter 6 - Power Manager / Power Manager Reference
Power Manager Dispatch Routines / Controlling the Hard Disk


You can use the SetSpindownDisable function to disable hard disk spindown.

void SetSpindownDisable(Boolean setDisable);
A Boolean that specifies whether the spindown feature is enabled (false) or disabled (true).
The SetSpindownDisable function enables or disables hard disk spindown, depending on the value of setDisable. If the value of setDisable is true, hard disk spindown is disabled; if the value is false, spindown is enabled.

Disabling hard disk spindown affects the SpinDownHardDisk function, as well as the normal spindown that occurs after a period of hard disk inactivity.

The trap is _PowerMgrDispatch ($A09E). The selector value for SetSpindownDisable is 9 ($09) in the low word of register D0. The Boolean value to set is passed in the high word of register D0.

The SpinDownHardDisk function is described on page 6-50.

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