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Inside Macintosh: Devices /

Chapter 1 - Device Manager

This chapter describes how your application can use the Device Manager to transfer information into and out of a Macintosh computer. The Device Manager controls the exchange of information between applications and hardware devices.

This chapter provides a brief introduction to devices and device drivers (the programs that control devices) and then explains how you can use the Device Manager functions to

You should read the sections "About the Device Manager" and "Using the Device Manager" if your application needs to use the Device Manager to communicate with a device driver. Applications often communicate with the Device Manager indirectly, by calling functions of other managers (for example, the File Manager) that use the Device Manager. However, sometimes applications must call Device Manager functions directly.

The sections "Writing a Device Driver," "Writing a Chooser-Compatible Device Driver," and "Writing a Desk Accessory," provide information you'll need if you are writing your own device driver.

If you writing a device driver, you should understand how memory is organized and allocated in Macintosh computers. See Inside Macintosh: Memory, for this information. You should also be familiar with resources and how the system searches resource files. You can find this information in the chapter "Resource Manager" in Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox. If your device driver is to perform background tasks, you'll need to understand how processes are scheduled. Inside Macintosh: Processes covers these topics. If your driver will control a hardware device, you should read Designing Cards and Drivers for the Macintosh Family, third edition.

Chapter Contents
Introduction to Devices and Drivers
About the Device Manager
The Device Control Entry
The Unit Table
The Driver I/O Queue
Driver Routines
Driver Resources
Using the Device Manager
Opening and Closing Device Drivers
Communicating With Device Drivers
Controlling and Monitoring Device Drivers
Writing a Device Driver
Creating a Driver Resource
Responding to the Device Manager
Entering and Exiting From Driver Routines
Writing Open and Close Routines
Writing a Prime Routine
Writing Control and Status Routines
Handling Asynchronous I/O
Installing a Device Driver
Writing a Chooser-Compatible Device Driver
How the Chooser Works
Creating a Chooser Extension File
Creating a Device Package
Responding to the Chooser
Allocating Private Storage
Writing a Desk Accessory
How Desk Accessories Work
Creating a Driver Resource for a Desk Accessory
Opening and Closing a Desk Accessory
Responding to Events
Device Manager Reference
Data Structures
Device Manager Parameter Block
Device Control Entry
Device Manager Functions
Opening and Closing Device Drivers
Communicating With Device Drivers
Controlling and Monitoring Device Drivers
Writing and Installing Device Drivers
The Driver Resource
Summary of the Device Manager
C Summary
Data Types
Pascal Summary
Data Types
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Trap Macros
Result Codes

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