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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Language Guide / Part 1 - Introducing AppleScript
Chapter 2 - Overview of AppleScript

Scripting Additions

Scripting additions are files that provide additional commands or coercions you can use in scripts. A scripting addition file must be located in the Scripting Additions folder (located in the Extensions folder of the System Folder) for AppleScript to recognize the additional commands it provides.

Unlike other commands used in AppleScript, scripting addition commands work the same way regardless of the target you specify. For example, the Beep command, which is provided by the General Commands scripting addition, triggers the alert sound no matter which application the command is sent to.

A single scripting addition file can contain several commands. For example, the File Commands scripting addition includes the commands Path To, List Folder, List Disks, and Info For. The scripting additions provided by Apple Computer, Inc., are described in the book AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide. Scripting additions are also sold commercially, included with applications, and distributed through electronic bulletin boards and user groups.

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