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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Language Guide / Part 3 - Appendixes
Appendix B - Scriptable Text Editor Dictionary / Scriptable Text Editor Commands


The standard Make command is defined on page 104. The Scriptable Text Editor version of the Make command behaves like the standard version except that the referenceToLocation parameter, which is required in the standard version of the command, is optional in the Scriptable Text Editor version:

make [ new ] className [ at referenceToLocation ]                 �
   [ with properties                                  ÿ
      { propertyName:propertyValue [, propertyName:propertyValue]...}]ÿ
   [ with data dataValue ] 
In addition, the Scriptable Text Editor automatically adds delimiters as needed around new text objects. When you create text objects with the Make command, do not include delimiters in the data.

When making a new text item, the Scriptable Text Editor uses the first delimiter listed in its Text Item Delimiters property as the item's delimiter.

Not all languages require delimiters between each word. When making new words, the Scriptable Text Editor relies on both the script code of the text to
be inserted and the script code of the text into which it is being inserted to determine whether to use delimiters and, if so, which delimiters to use and where to place them.

Finally, the Scriptable Text Editor provides default values for the data and properties of objects created with the Make command. If you do not specify values for all the properties or data of a new object, the Scriptable Text Editor provides the default values.

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