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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Language Guide / Part 2 - AppleScript Language Reference
Chapter 8 - Handlers

Command Handlers for Script Applications

Getting Started With AppleScript describes how you can use the Script Editor to save a script as a script application. A script application is a script that you can run from the Finder much like any other application. If you save a script as a stay-open application, it stays open after it runs; if you don't, it quits right after it runs.

Every script application can respond to at least two commands: the Run command and the Open command. Like any other application, a script application receives a Run command whenever it is launched, and an Open command whenever another icon is dragged and dropped over its icon.

Stay-open script applications can also receive and handle any other commands. All stay-open applications receive periodic Idle commands whenever they're not responding to other events and Quit commands whenever the user quits the application.

This section describes handlers for the Run, Open, Idle, and Quit commands. It also describes how you can call a script application from another script.

Run Handlers
Open Handlers
Handlers for Stay-Open Script Applications
Calling a Script Application

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