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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Finder Guide /

Tables and Listings

Chapter 1 Introduction to Finder Scripting 1

Listing 1-1 A sample recorded script 6

Listing 1-2 A script that either takes a snapshot of the current window arrangement or restores a previously stored snapshot 11

Listing 1-3 A script that adds a new user to the Users & Groups control panel and adds a drop folder for that user to the startup disk 12

Chapter 3 Finder Commands 99

Table 3-1 Variations from standard behavior in Finder versions of standard application commands 101

Table 3-2 Commands defined by the Finder Suite 103

Appendix A Finder Commands at a Glance 141

Table A-1 Finder command syntax 142

Table A-2 Placeholders used in syntax descriptions 145

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