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Inside Macintosh: AppleScript Finder Guide /
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Finder Scripting


If you obtained the Finder scripting software with the AppleScript Scripter's Toolkit, you can install it by running the Installer program on the AppleScript Setup disk. After the Installer opens, click the Customize button, then select
the item named Finder Scripting Software and click Install. If you obtained
the Finder scripting software on a disk that updates an older version of the AppleScript Scripter's Toolkit, run the Installer program that's included on the update disk and click the Install button after the Installer opens.

Finder scripting requires System 7.1 or later versions of system software. Versions later than System 7 Pro (System 7.1.1) include the Finder scripting software, which is installed automatically when you install the system software.

Finder scripts that return a lot of information may need as much as several hundred kilobytes (K) of free memory to work correctly. To see how much memory is currently free, activate the Finder, choose About This Macintosh from the Apple menu, and check the number labeled Largest Unused Block in the About This Macintosh window. If a script you've used successfully stops working, try quitting one or more applications to make more memory available.

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