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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 3 - Integrating Guide Files
Chapter 9 - Apple Guide API / Getting Information About Guide Files


Use the AGFileGetSelector function to access a guide file's gestalt selector and its associated value.

OSErr AGFileGetSelector
                  (AGFileFSSpecType *fileSpec,
                   AGFileSelectorIndexType selectorNumber,
                   AGFileSelectorType *selector,
                   AGFileSelectorValueType *value);
A pointer to the file system specification record for the guide file.
A selector index number. To access the first gestalt selector, specify 1; to access the second gestalt selector, specify 2; and to access the third gestalt selector, specify 3.
The AGFileGetSelector function returns, through this parameter, a four-character value gestalt selector for the gestalt selector specified by the selectorNumber parameter.
The AGFileGetSelector function returns, through this parameter, a long integer associated with the gestalt selector returned in the selector parameter.
The AGFileGetSelector function returns, in its selector and value parameters, the gestalt selector and its required value for the guide file specified in the fileSpec parameter. The gestalt selector and value correspond to those specified by a <Gestalt> command in the guide file's source files.

For a complete list of Gestalt selector codes, see the chapter "Gestalt Manager" in Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities.

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