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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 3 - Integrating Guide Files
Chapter 9 - Apple Guide API / Getting Information About Guide Files


Use the AGFileGetDBType function to determine the type of a guide file.

 OSErr AGFileGetDBType 
                     (AGFileFSSpecType *fileSpec,
                      AGFileDBType *databaseType);
A pointer to the file system specification record for the guide file.
A pointer to the type of the guide file. The AGFileGetDBType functions returns, through this parameter, a value that indicates the guide file type. The guide file type is indicated by one of these constants:
           enum {
            kAGFileDBTypeHelp       = 1,/*Help*/
            kAGFileDBTypeTutorial   = 2,/*Tutorial*/
            kAGFileDBTypeShortcuts  = 3,/*Shortcuts*/
            kAGFileDBTypeAbout      = 4,/*About*/
            kAGFileDBTypeOther      = 8 /*Other*/
The AGFileGetDBType function returns, in its databaseType parameter, the type of the specified guide file.

noErr0No error
nsvErr-35Volume doesn't exist
ioErr-36I/O error
fnOpnErr-38File not open
fnfErr-43File or directory does not exist
fLckdErr-45File is locked
rfNumErr-51Bad reference number
dirNFErr-120Directory not found or incomplete pathname
afpAccessDenied-5000User does not have the correct access to the file

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