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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 4 - Scripting Guide Files
Chapter 10 - Guide Script Command Reference / Guide Script Command Descriptions
/ Specifying Conditional Execution

<End Making Sure>

You can use the <End Making Sure> command to end the condition checking specified in a previous <Start Making Sure> command.

<End Making Sure>
The <End Making Sure> command specifies the end of condition checking begun by a previous <Start Making Sure> command. Apple Guide stops evaluating the condition specified by a <Start Making Sure> command when it encounters an <End Making Sure> command.

A <Start Making Sure> command must always be matched by a following <End Making Sure> command.

<Define Sequence> "How do I use the dictionary?"
   <Panel> "intro to dictionary"
   #specify a condition that must be true for all panels
   # between <Start Making Sure> and <End Making Sure>
   #(isDictionaryOpen is an application-defined context check)
   <Start Making Sure> isDictionaryOpen("SurfWriter Dictionary"),
                     "instruct user how to open dictionary" #oops
      <Panel> "finding a word in the dictionary"
      <Panel> "finding synonyms in the dictionary"
      <Panel> "getting a list of adverbs from the dictionary"
   <End Making Sure>
<End Sequence>
For information on the <Start Making Sure> command, see page 10-168.

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