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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 4 - Scripting Guide Files
Chapter 10 - Guide Script Command Reference / Guide Script Command Descriptions
/ Specifying "Look For" Help

<Look For Instruction>

You can use the <Look For Instruction> command to specify a phrase that appears above the search phrase entry box in the Full Access window when Look For is active.

<Look For Instruction> lookForInstruction
A text string that specifies a phrase to display above the search phrase entry box.
Apple Guide displays, above the search phrase entry box, the phrase defined in the lookForInstruction parameter. Two lines of space are available for the Look For instruction; Apple Guide automatically wraps the text to fit. You can include a return character in the Look For instruction if you want to wrap the text at a specific location. If you specify an empty string, Apple Guide does not display a Look For instruction.

This command is optional. If you omit this command, Apple Guide displays the phrase, "1. Click the arrow button to begin, then type one or more words to search for:" above the search phrase entry box.

The <Look For Instruction> command should appear once at most in your source files for a specific guide file.

#specify a look for instruction
<Look For Instruction> "1. Click the arrow button, then �
enter a search phrase:"
For information on specifying instructions for the Search button and the list of topics that appear in the Look For window, see the descriptions of the <Look For Search Btn Instruction> and <Look For Results Instruction> commands, on page 10-143 and page 10-144, respectively.

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