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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 4 - Scripting Guide Files
Chapter 10 - Guide Script Command Reference / Guide Script Command Descriptions
/ Specifying Default Settings

<Min Height>

You can use the <Min Height> command to specify the minimum allowable panel height.

<Min Height> height
A short integer specifying the minimum panel height in pixels.
Apple Guide automatically sizes each panel to a height that is within the range specified by the <Max Height> and <Min Height> commands. If you omit the <Min Height> command, Apple Guide uses a default minimum panel height of 0 pixels.

If the contents of a panel requires less space than the amount specified by the
<Min Height> command, Apple Guide allocates the minimum height for the panel.

To specify a fixed panel size for all panels in the guide file regardless of content, set the maximum height and minimum height to the same value.

The <Min Height> command should appear only once in your source files.

#set the minimum height of a panel to 100 pixels
<Min Height> 100
For information on the <Max Height> command, see page 10-28.

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