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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 2 - Color Picker Manager Reference /
Color Picker Manager Functions / Creating a Custom Color Picker Dialog Box


Creates a color picker-owned dialog box.

pascal OSErr CreatePickerDialog (
PickerDialogInfo *info, 
picker *thePicker);
A pointer to a PickerDialogInfo structure (page 2-24).
A pointer to the last color picker chosen by the user. Your application often refers to the color picker returned here in subsequent Color Picker Manager functions.
The CreatePickerDialog function creates a color picker-owned color picker dialog box of the type requested in the info parameter and places inside it the color picker returned in the parameter thePicker.

If the color picker does not have a private dialog box, the Color Picker Manager creates a modeless dialog box by default. The dialog box is invisible upon creation; use the SetPickerVisibility function (page 2-40) to make it visible. The Color Picker Manager may change some of the flags in the PickerDialogInfo structure (such as those regarding the type of dialog box for the color picker).

Listing 2-6 (page 2-15) in Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS illustrates how to use the CreatePickerDialog function.

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