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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 2 - Color Picker Manager Reference /
Constants and Data Types

Editing Data Structure

If the user chooses an Edit menu command for the color picker, your application needs to set the state of the Edit menu items according to the color picker specifications and send the appropriate message to the color picker. Use the GetPickerEditMenuState function (page 2-48) to determine the state of the Edit menu items. Then use the DoPickerEdit function (page 2-45) to request the color picker to perform an editing operation. When your application uses the DoPickerEdit function, it passes information about the editing operation in an EditData structure; the color picker then uses this structure to describe if and how it performed this operation.

typedef struct EditData {
   EditOperation  theEdit;    /* the editing operation */
   PickerAction   action;     /* action performed by picker */
   Boolean        handled;    /* whether action was handled */
} EditData;
Field Description
The editing operation to perform. Your application uses the EditOperations enumeration to specify the operation.
               enum EditOperations {
                  kCut,    /* perform the Cut command */
                  kCopy,   /* perform the Copy command */
                  kPaste,  /* perform the Paste command */
                  kClear,  /* perform the Clear command */
                  kUndo    /* perform the Undo command */
               typedef short EditOperation;
The nature of the event. In this field, the Color Picker Manager returns a value, defined in the PickerAction enumeration, describing the event. See the description of the PickerAction enumeration (page 2-5) for a discussion about how your application should respond to these actions.
               enum PickerAction {
                kDidNothing,  /* no action worth reporting */
                kColorChanged,/* user chose different color */
                kOkHit,       /* user clicked OK */
                kCancelHit,   /* user clicked Cancel */
                              /* user chose new color picker */
                kApplItemHit  /* Dialog Manager returned an 
                                 item in an application-owned 
                                 dialog box */
               typedef short PickerAction;
A Boolean value indicating whether the color picker or the Color Picker Manager handled the event. If the Color Picker Manager returns the value true in this field, then the event was handled; otherwise, your application should process the event.

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