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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 2 - Color Picker Manager Reference /
Constants and Data Types

System-Owned Dialog Box Structure

The SystemDialogInfo structure contains the data required to create a system-owned dialog box for color pickers.

typedef struct SystemDialogInfo {
   long        flags;      /* color picker flags */
   long        pickerType; /* color picker type */
               placeWhere; /* dialog box placement specifier */
   Point       dialogOrigin;/* upper-left corner of dialog box */
   MenuItemInfomInfo;      /* application's Edit menu items */
} SystemDialogInfo;
Field Description
Bits representing the color picker flags (page 2-8). Your application can set any of the following flags:
               #define CanModifyPalette4  
               #define CanAnimatePalette8 
               #define AppIsColorSyncAware16
The color picker may set any of the following flags and override your application settings:
               #define InSystemDialog  32
               #define InApplicationDialog64
               #define InPickerDialog  128
               #define DetachedFromChoices256
The component subtype of the color picker. If this field is set to 0, the default color picker is used (that is, the last color picker chosen by the user).
A dialog placement constant, one of three values with which your application can specify whether the dialog box should be centered on the deepest color screen, centered on the main screen, or placed at a specified location.
               kAtSpecifiedOrigin = 0;
               kDeepestColorScreen = 1;
               kCenterOnMainSCreen = 2;
A point specifying placement of the upper-left corner of the dialog box, used if the placeWhere field contains the value represented by the kAtSpecifiedOrigin constant.
Information, stored in a MenuItemInfo structure (page 2-19), about the state of your application's Edit menu.

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