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Chapter 4 - ColorSync Manager Reference for Color Management Modules

This chapter describes the request code constants passed to your color management module (CMM) from the Component Manager when a ColorSync-supportive application or device driver calls a ColorSync Manager function to request services your CMM provides.

Your CMM must support a required subset of these request codes, and it should support the other codes as well. This chapter also describes the functions your CMM may define to respond to these ColorSync Manager request codes. For information on how to develop a CMM that responds to the ColorSync Manager request codes, see the chapter "Developing Color Management Modules" in Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS.

Handles the kCMMGetNamedColorValue request by returning device and PCS color values from a named color space profile for a specific color name.

The MyCMMGetNamedColorValue function is a color management module-defined subroutine.

See the preface for information on ColorSync Manager version numbers.

Chapter Contents
Color Management Module Component Interface
Required CMM-Defined Functions
Optional CMM-Defined Functions

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