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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 3 - ColorSync Manager Reference for Applications and Device Drivers / ColorSync Manager Functions

PostScript Color-Matching Support Functions

The ColorSync Manager provides three functions that support color matching by PostScript Level 2 devices. The default Apple CMM implements these functions if the preferred CMM corresponding to the profile does not.

Starting with PostScript version 2016, to provide better support for ColorSync and ICC profiles, Postscript Level 2 supports up to four-component color spaces through the addition of CIEBasedDEF and CIEBasedDEFG color spaces.

To use these new color spaces, the CMGetPS2ColorSpace function now supports profiles with four components, as well as scanner and monitor profiles that contain multidimensional table information. In previous versions of ColorSync, routines such as CMGetPS2ColorSpace returned an error if asked to generate PostScript code for a profile with more than three components.

The CIEBasedDEF and CIEBasedDEFG color spaces are extensions to the CIEBasedABC color space. To work with these color spaces, PostScript defines the RangeDEF, RangeHIJK, DecodeDEFG, and Table arrays. You can read more about how these arrays are used to convert CIEBasedDEF and CIEBasedDEFG color space values in the PostScript Language Reference Manual Supplement, version 2016.

If you use ColorSync to generate PostScript output for CIEBasedDEF and CIEBasedDEFG color spaces, be sure the printer has PostScript version 2016 or later.

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