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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 3 - ColorSync Manager Reference for Applications and Device Drivers / ColorSync Manager Functions
Matching Colors Using High-Level Functions With QuickDraw /


Concludes a high-level QuickDraw matching session initiated by a previous call to the NCMBeginMatching function.

pascal void CMEndMatching (CMMatchRef myRef);
A reference to the matching session to end. This reference was previously created and returned by a call to NCMBeginMatching function.
function result
This routine does not return an error value.
The CMEndMatching function releases private memory allocated for the high-level matching session.

After you call the NCMBeginMatching function and before you call CMEndMatching to end the session, embedded color-matching picture comments, such as cmEnableMatching and cmDisableMatching, are not acknowledged. After you call CMEndMatching, processing reverts to its previous state.

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