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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 3 - ColorSync Manager Reference for Applications and Device Drivers / ColorSync Manager Functions
Accessing Profile Elements /


Adds a tag to the specified profile to refer to data corresponding to a previously set element.

pascal CMError CMSetProfileElementReference (
CMProfileRef prof, 
OSType elementTag, 
OSType referenceTag);
A profile reference (page 3-63) to the profile to add the tag to.
The original element's signature tag corresponding to the element data to which the new tag will refer.
The new tag signature to add to the profile to refer to the element data corresponding to elementTag.
function result
A result code of type CMError. See "Result Codes" (page 3-174) for a list of ColorSync-specific result codes.
After the CMSetProfileElementReference function executes successfully, the specified profile will contain more than one tag corresponding to a single piece of data. All of these tags are of equal importance. Your application can set a reference to an element that was originally a reference itself without circularity.

If you call CMSetProfileElement (page 3-96) subsequently for one of the tags acting as a reference to another tag's data, then the element data you provide is set for the tag and the tag is no longer considered a reference. Instead, the tag corresponds to its own element data and not that of another tag.

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