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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging Reference /
Chapter 2 - Color Picker Manager Reference /
Color Picker Manager Functions / Setting and Getting Color-Matching Profiles for a Color Picker


Sets the destination color-matching profile for a color picker.

pascal OSErr SetPickerProfile (
picker thePicker, 
CMProfileHandle profile);
A color picker.
A handle to a ColorSync 1.0 profile for the final output device.
For the color picker specified in the parameter thePicker, the SetPickerProfile function sets the color-matching profile specified in the profile parameter to be the destination profile.

This version of the Color Picker Manager uses ColorSync 1.0 profiles only. The ColorSync 1.0 profile is a handle-based profile. The profile format is defined by Apple Computer. You cannot use version 2.x profiles, which are identified by profile references, with this version of the Color Picker Manager. ColorSync 1.0 profiles typically reside in the ColorSyncTM Profiles folder (within the Preferences folder of the System Folder). They may also be embedded with the images to which they pertain in graphics files. The appendix "ColorSync Manager Backward Compatibility" in Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS provides information about the relationship between the ColorSync Manager version 2.x and ColorSync 1.0 profiles, which you may find useful.

Listing 2-12 (page 2-25) in Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS illustrates how to use the SetPickerProfile function. To determine the destination color-matching profile currently used by a color picker, use the GetPickerProfile function (page 2-51).

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