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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS /
Chapter 6 - Developing ColorSync-Supportive Device Drivers / Developing Your ColorSync Supportive Device Driver

Color Matching an Image to Be Printed

The ColorSync Manager provides high-level and low-level color-matching functions. Printer device drivers usually perform color matching using the low-level ColorSync Manager functions to match all QuickDraw operations as they pass through the bottleneck routines.

When the stream of QuickDraw data sent to your printer device driver contains a profile embedded using picture comments, your driver should extract the embedded profile using the ColorSync Manager's CMUnflattenProfile function. After you extract the profile and open a reference to it, you should create a new color world based on the extracted profile and a profile for your printer. For information on how to extract an embedded profile, see "Developing ColorSync-Supportive Applications" (page 4-3), which also describes how to create a color world.

If the QuickDraw data stream does not contain embedded profiles, your driver should use the system profile as the source profile in creating the color world.

You should then match subsequent QuickDraw operations using the color world before sending them to your printer.

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