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Inside Macintosh: Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS /
Chapter 2 - Color Picker Manager / About the Color Picker Manager

Color Pickers as Components

Color pickers are implemented as components, which, as described in the chapter "Component Manager" in Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox, are pieces of code that provide a set of services to one or more clients. For color pickers, the Color Picker Manager is the client. When your application calls a Color Picker Manager function, it calls the Component Manager, which in turn calls the color picker itself.

The separation of color pickers from the Color Picker Manager allows the user or your application to dynamically add new color pickers to the user's system. Once a new color picker has been registered with the Component Manager, it's available for use by the Color Picker Manager. "Writing Your Own Color Pickers" (page 2-30) describes how to create your own color picker. However, most applications do not need to create their own pickers, because those supplied with system software are usually sufficient.

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